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Major changes in technology are filtering their way into the Judicial branch of statewide court systems, ultimately changing the way citizens and parties interact with and access it. We work with you to create a strategic vision and workflow plan that will improve all aspects of your court system.

By creating electronic case files and eliminating paper from the process, we are able to effectively automate the case-related process, without eliminating the knowledge worker. The unique workflow component of our system provides multi-user, secure access to case files, while establishing best-practice metrics and identifying bottlenecks.

Our strategies and Electronic Content Management systems have helped several court systems:

  • Maintain secure 24/7 access to court information and set own security parameters
  • See revolutionary gains in operational efficiency
  • Organize information around the person, not the case
  • Reduce workload and improve data quality
  • Assure consistent and accurate capture, coding, and indexing of files
  • Improve communication between departments
  • Enhance disaster recovery processes
  • Provide Better customer service


TrueSign™ Electronic Signature: Learn More

TrueSign™ is the electronic equivalent of physically signing a document. It’s an easy to use electronic signature application that creates legally compliant electronic signatures.

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TrueCertify provides a way to deliver and authenticate certified documents electronically.

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TrueFilingTM is a 24x7
Web-based eFiling solution for courts, law firms and pro per filers.

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iJustice eArraignment

iJustice eArraignment allows for the entire arraignment proceeding – including the paperwork -- to take place digitally with the judge or magistrate in a physically different location than the defendant.

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iJustice eWarrant

eWarrant electronically links local law enforcement with the PA and the court and securely transmits the required warrant documents in real time for the appropriate signatures.

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