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In a criminal case, the Prosecutor’s* office resides squarely in the middle of the flow of paper and requires an ongoing exchange of information with police and courts. The efficiency of the criminal justice system depends on all components of the system working together. However, a dangerous combination of increasing workloads and budget-related staff cuts can stress the organization putting lives at risk when incoming requests are not processed expeditiously.

ImageSoft iJustice eProsecution creates an end-to-end electronic prosecution solution, eliminating the transfer of paper files between law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office. The resulting solution enables prosecutors to prosecute cases electronically using a laptop computer, without the burden of maintaining a physical case file. It’s the solution of choice for improving the speed of justice and providing greater service to the public.

Key benefits of using eProsecution:

  • No need to maintain a physical case file
  • Warrant manual integration simplifies the charging process and improves data integrity
  • Simple and secure electronic signing using TrueSignTM
  • Streamline the discovery process
  • Systemize communication with Law Enforcement
  • Auto docketing eliminates the need to physically pull case files
  • Support electronic subpoena processing with real-time serve status updates
  • Improve accountability with management reports and alerts

* iJustice eProsecution uses the term “Prosecutor” generically. This solution is well-suited for all attorneys that prosecute criminal defendants in court, such as District Attorneys, City Attorneys, etc.