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Breakthrough Technologies: The Pillars of ImageSoft iJustice

What sets ImageSoft iJustice apart from other justice solutions is its ability to integrate all judicial units while leveraging your existing technology investment. Gone are the information silos, voids and other impediments to justice. In their place is a unified justice system where information is shared and business rules are automated.

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ImageSoft iJustice includes six breakthrough technologies: Electronic Case File, Workflow Foundations, eBench, TrueFilingTM, TrueSignTM and TrueCertifyTM.

Electronic Case File

Being able to store, protect and manage all of the documents and metadata associated with a case in an intuitive electronic case file is a fundamental capability. iJustice includes tools for scanning paper documents, classifying and indexing documents and capturing documents from electronic sources. To be effective, the electronic case file in iJustice emulates the paper case folder in many ways, without the physical limitations. iJustice is built on a best-in class Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Workflow Foundations

Workflow is a key differentiator of ImageSoft iJustice and the single most significant component to a paper-on-demand environment because of the process efficiencies it creates. Workflow allows for automated routing and processing of electronic documents and data. ImageSoft iJustice contains pre-configured Workflow Foundations for all courts and case-specific processes that can be quickly tailored to the unique needs of an organization to automate repetitive tasks and standardize processes across multiple departments.


Electronic filing allows parties to file documents with the Court Clerk electronically via the Web. TrueFiling is a standards-based e-filing solution that offloads document capture and indexing to the filer, while improving file integrity and accountability. Additionally, it provides support for the electronic subpoena and discovery process, greatly reducing the volume of paper documents handled and improving the court’s internal processes through electronic workflow.


iJustice eBench is a touch-screen application designed specifically for judicial officers and staff using an electronic case file. It creates a better-than paper experience from the bench or courtroom while enabling the mobile processing of case files anytime and anywhere.


Signing documents electronically represents the “last mile” of court efficiency. TrueSign is an easy to use solution that creates legally compliant electronic signatures. It enables users to securely sign documents in real time as part of the workflow, improving overall throughput and transparency while eliminating the need to print the document, sign and rescan it.


TrueCertify enables certified documents to be delivered and authenticated electronically. It is a robust mechanism for assuring document authenticity that is virtually impossible to circumvent or forge. TrueCertify improves service to constituents by providing real-time access to certified documents and saves time and reduces costs by eliminating the need to print and copy paper documents for certification.