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June 1, 2010

ImageSoft Announces ImageSoft iJustice Solution to Connect Courts, Prosecutors and Law Enforcement to Reduce Costs and Backlogs

SOUTHFIELD, Mich.ImageSoft, Inc., which provides technology solutions to automate, streamline and improve workplace processes, announces the availability of ImageSoft iJustice, an enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow solution to link key stakeholders, including judges, case workers, prosecutors, law enforcement, the court clerk and the public to improve productivity, foster collaboration and communication, and reduce costs.

The solution combines ECM, preconfigured workflows for common case types and electronic signature to create a dramatically more efficient court. Workflow sets this solution apart from others by facilitating automated and consistent processes and improving productivity across the enterprise.

”ImageSoft iJustice makes each department vastly more efficient,” said Scott Bade, president of ImageSoft, Inc. ”It also bridges the gaps between the courts, prosecutors and law enforcement to connect disparate systems and processes and to provide immediate improvements in law enforcement and judicial processes for enhanced constituent services.”

Powered by OnBase® ECM, ImageSoft iJustice automates repetitive tasks, standardizes processes across multiple user locations and delivers instant access to files, facilitating quicker responses to requests for information from outside agencies. As a scalable solution, ImageSoft iJustice can serve a single department or an entire enterprise. When bundled with electronic signing capabilities, document creation and redaction, this unique court solution facilitates faster and better informed decisions across the entire judicial system.

Key features of the solution include imaging, workflow, eFiling, dynamic case folderviewer, records management, CMS integration and TrueSign™ electronic signature, which enables judges and attorneys to swiftly sign documents as part of the electronic workflow process.

ImageSoft began rolling out ImageSoft iJustice to courts and law enforcement first in Michigan, where more than 20 courts use the solution, and has since expanded across the country, including a statewide initiative in Oregon.

“The hard numbers of savings do not begin to accurately indicate the benefits of the system, such as paper savings, space conservation or other efficiencies,” said John Battle, Genesee County Friend of the Court (FOC). “This solution has enabled us to upgrade almost every process in the FOC, creating efficiencies throughout the office. I am sure that other departments have experienced similar savings. The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, for instance, was able to catch up a backlog in filing of cases and has also enjoyed the benefit of being able to reprioritize the use of its employees.”

Beyond the announcement of its ImageSoft iJustice solution, ImageSoft has also published a new white paper, The Paper-On-Demand Court; ECM in Courts, which may be downloaded free of charge at

“Paper-on-demand is a way of thinking,” said Bade. “It is a discipline that when made pervasive throughout the court enterprise, dramatic cost savings follow. ECM systems provide significant, paradigm-shifting value to courts of all types. In fact, the savings to a court are greater than any other single technology initiative.”

Beverly Lyons
ImageSoft, Inc.
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
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