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October 25, 2010

ImageSoft Announces TrueSign™ Electronic Signature Solution; Produces White Paper on the Legal Considerations of E-Signature

SOUTHFIELD, Mich.ImageSoft, Inc., which provides technology solutions to automate, streamline and improve workplace processes, announces the availability of TrueSign™, an easy to use application that creates legally compliant electronic signatures suitable for a broad array of industries. In conjunction with the announcement, the company is also releasing a white paper on the Legal Considerations of E–Signature.

“TrueSign™ is the electronic equivalent of physically signing a document,” said ImageSoft President Scott Bade. “It enables users to electronically sign or stamp a document in real time and eliminates the need to print, sign, then rescan documents, reducing paper, printing and related costs, improving efficiency and expediting the signature process.”

Beyond cost saving, adopting an electronic signature solution, such as ImageSoft’s TrueSign™, results in significant benefits to an organization, including reduced time to sign documents, increased ease and flexibility in signing off site or at distant locations, and greatly improved workflow efficiencies. TrueSign™ also increases the security and accuracy of the signing process by preventing the wrong person from accidentally signing a document and providing the ability to track and audit all document signatures.

Indeed, electronic signature, which is both globally accepted and widely used in closely regulated processes like government, the courts, finance and national defense, is “safe, legal and proven,” according to Justice Systems Consultant Jeffrey Barlow, JD, MBA, PMP, a featured speaker at last month’s NCSC eCourts conference. “The Model Laws pertaining to electronic signature have been so widely adopted and in use for so long that the issue of acceptability is rarely – maybe never – raised,” said Barlow.

Barlow is also the author of the E-signature white paper offered by ImageSoft. The paper focuses on the issues organizations should concern themselves with when considering an E-signature solution, what the existing legal posture on the technology is and how to ensure that all the legal bases are covered before adopting an electronic signature solution. The complimentary white paper is available for download at

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