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November 30, 2011

TrueFiling™, ImageSoft’s E-Filing System for Courts, Launches in Ottawa County, Mich.; Ottawa is First in State to Offer the Unified E-filing Solution for Circuit, District and Probate Courts

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., (November 30, 2011)Ottawa County, Mich., this week launched TrueFiling™, a unified e-filing service for all of the county’s courts. The 7x24, Web-based e-filing solution from ImageSoft, Inc., of Southfield, expedites justice by reducing paper handling and travel time and improves the court’s internal processes through electronic workflow.

TrueFiling fully integrates with the court’s case management and document management systems to create a more efficient paper-on-demand court, saving time and money. Additionally, the solution supports all of the courts in the county: circuit, district and probate, enabling law firms to utilize a single source for filing to multiple courts.

“With TrueFiling, documents will flow from the filer’s computer through the Internet directly into the case file, which ensures a more complete case file due to fewer lost or misplaced paper documents. It also means that attorneys and others no longer need to trek to the court to file case-related documents,” said Daniel Krueger, Ottawa County Clerk. “It’s a plus for all involved in the legal process.”

TrueFiling makes both the filer and the court significantly more efficient because it eliminates travel time and expense, and since courts that use TrueFiling no longer need to scan incoming documents, they enjoy the added benefit of reduced labor costs. Attorneys are now able to access the case, check status, and create new filings 24-hours a day (new filings are reviewed and accepted by the court during business hours).

The system’s built-in electronic response features also facilitate and improve communication between the filer and the court. TrueFiling provides an electronic audit trail for filings so that all parties are alerted when and if an event occurs.

How TrueFilingTM Works:
First-time users follow a simple online registration process, providing their contact information, email address and a secure password. After logging in at, the user selects from a list of participating courts and then picks one of three options:

  • Submit a case-initiating document
  • File into an existing case
  • Serve parties without filing

To initiate a case, the system provides the necessary forms for the user to complete online. The filer may also attach any number of supporting documents to include with the filing.

To file into an existing case, the user searches by party or docket number, then attaches the required documents. Parties can be added for optional electronic service, which delivers an electronic link to court-stamped documents via email. Users may perform electronic service on documents that are filed with the court or on unfiled documents.

Beyond convenience and savings, TrueFiling also presents a revenue-generating opportunity for courts and the County. There is a fee for attorneys and others to use the e-filing system, however, fees charged by Ottawa County for TrueFiling are less than half those assessed by other Michigan counties for e-filing services.

“TrueFiling offers a modern Web interface that is intuitive and easy to use,” said ImageSoft President Scott Bade. “It is convenient and transparent and results in more efficient handing of case fillings by the court and better use of resources.”

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