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March 18, 2014

California First District Court of Appeal Begins e-Filing with Implementation of ImageSoft’s TrueFiling

SOUTHFIELD, MI, (March 18, 2014) — The California First District Court of Appeal, in San Francisco, marked a milestone this week and made great strides towards improving court efficiencies with the implementation of electronic filing for all civil cases. The court, which is the first appellate court in the state to mandate e-Filing, has implemented ImageSoft’s TrueFiling solution for the project which launched yesterday.

TrueFiling was selected after ImageSoft, of Southfield, Mich., responded to a request for proposal issued last year by the California Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

TrueFiling is a 24/7 Web-based e-Filing product that allows documents to flow from the Internet into the case file and streamlines and accelerates the court’s internal processes through automated workflow. The solution enables remote filing of documents from anywhere an Internet connection is available. Since TrueFiling drastically reduces paper handling, it improves overall efficiency for the court and filers to the court.

For the court, e-Filing means better use of resources and greater confidence in the completeness of the case file due to fewer lost or misplaced documents. For busy attorneys it means considerable savings by eliminating the need to copy, process and deliver thousands of paper documents each year and less time spent travelling back and forth to the court to file paper documents. Attorneys also will benefit from real-time communication with the courts via the TrueFiling portal, which enables them to file documents with the court via the Web. TrueFiling also offers a bundling feature that allows the filer to combine several filings into a single transaction and provides automatic proof of service. “The California AOC’s decision to move to electronic filing will immediately net wide-ranging benefits in the form of greater efficiencies, cost savings, improved transparency and enhanced access to the courts for all parties,” said Bade. “It’s a win-win for the courts, filers and the public.”

To help prepare attorneys, court staff and others for the transition to e-Filing, TrueFiling training sessions were held in January. But the learning curve, according to Bade, is minimal. TrueFiling has consistently received high marks from end users and offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface. “It is a true multi-jurisdictional solution that is built for the court and the complex law firm, but is easily navigable for all,” said Bade. TrueFiling also provides a unique interface that makes e-Filing simple and intuitive for self-represented filers, further improving constituent access to the courts.

Later this spring, upon completion of the pilot implementation in the First Appellate District, ImageSoft will work with the court to provide the TrueFiling solution to the five remaining Appellate Districts and the Supreme Court.