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In the Spring of 2010, 4.9 million barrels of oil flooded 57,500 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico, polluting an estimated 1,100 miles of shoreline with oil and tar across Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Throughout the nation, hundreds of teams jumped in with both feet to “stop the bleeding” and, eventually, develop a more secure plan for oil rigs. You probably remember this disaster more commonly as the BP Oil Spill.

Ten years later, around the same time in early 2020, another devastation left no state, community or person unaffected. This time, thousands of nurses, public health departments and medical personnel worked around-the-clock to mitigate the spread of novel Coronavirus. Breweries, automotive supply companies and retailers transformed, almost overnight, into manufacturing sites for sanitizers, ventilators and masks. Suddenly, remote operations were the only viable business continuity plan.

You Can’t Jimmy Security, Business Agility and Intuitive Platforms

Disasters transpire instantly and often without warning, demanding equally rapid responses. Striking while the iron is hot, however, requires preparedness – a seamless transition into wide-spread collaboration and data accessibility. This type of agility and reliable data security are organic values inherited by Cloud adopters, and elements built not just into disaster preparations, but every-day operations.

According to IDC’s CloudView Survey, organizations prefer Cloud hosting for its low cost, high-standard security protocols, agile business practices, and simple-use applications. Ironically, these are also the most commonly griped struggles of on-premise content management systems. Unable to keep pace with evolving governance standards and innovations, these legacy methods require routine, costly software updates that, if missed, make your content vulnerable to security breaches. And while on-premise data is at-risk for scams, it’s surely not as readily available for collaboration, team sharing or mobile access.

Whether you’re preparing for monstrous disasters like the BP Oil Spill or Coronavirus, maintaining integrable data processes, or simply building a more remote-friendly environment for the future of work-from-home, a readily available plan is a must. After all, if your life vest failed to inflate during test runs, requiring you to jimmy the string several times before succeeding, would you rely on it during a true emergency?

Cloud-First Business Strategies

  • Security and Compliance
  • Business Agility
  • Content Sharing
  • Mobility and Governance

Data security is the one thing you and Cloud-hosted environments have in common as a top priority. At ImageSoft, for example, our infrastructure for TrueSign and TrueFiling are highly secured in MicroSoft’s Government Azure Cloud. With a Department of Defense (DoD) Level 5 Provisional Authorization, your processes are better prepared to meet CJIS compliance, exceed governance standards and breeze through routine audits. The Hyland Cloud, built exclusively for solutions like OnBase and ShareBase, is hosted in several, global data centers that either meet or exceed security standards. Multi-level encryptions ensure only authorized users can access their data and, unlike on-premise hosting, you don’t have to worry about the repercussions of missing a costly software update to keep content safeguarded.

Just like your constantly evolving business, the way people need and want to interact with data is also changing.

Designed for continuous development, Cloud hosting is hyper-scalable and can expand or compress data storage needs depending on your current business conditions. It also means that, as the internet of things (IoT), analytic opportunities, social media and other digital developments surface, the Cloud will be able to manage the adjustments and keep your business continuity plan instep. When married with robotic process automation (RPA), organizations become further equipped with automatic indexing, stronger analytics and the ability to leverage natural language processing for data extraction.

As organizational culture progresses toward work-from-home environments and remote opportunities, so too does our approach toward collaboration and overall content sharing.

Cloud applications are ideal for scaling a user-friendly, unified content sharing platform to the needs of your evolving business plan. ShareBase, for example, is deployed in the Hyland Cloud and provides compliant, intuitive backdrop for both file storage and secure sharing. This means you won’t have to worry about sensitive information floating through unsecured emails, chats or spreadsheets, and can proceed confidently with your initiatives regardless of your favorite surprise audits. And yes, all this while your organization maintains complete ownership over all your Cloud-stored content and files.

Not only is the Cloud a valuable business practice, it’s also a good friend of IT personnel.

From marketing and sales to customer support and accounting, the intuitive, mobile benefits of the Cloud lend each department the ability to source their own IT solutions. This, coupled with more built-in, automatic safeguards protecting data and users, frees IT staff to lend their expertise and talents to higher-ground initiatives. For remote staff or contract operations, Cloud-based activities assure IT that secure sharing standards are being met from every location, and allow for greater flexibility in how departments and vendors communicate with one another.

Best yet, the sum of these achievements totals an overall reduced IT budget (or reallocated funding for more enhancements) and optimal IT productivity.

Attaining Dreams in the Cloud with Feet on the Ground: An Individualized Approach

When it comes to reaching your business goals, there’s only one path: your own. Nothing is unattainable when you have the proper tools and enough time. Whether you want to completely ascend your business processes to a Cloud-based application, or take a hybrid approach of on-premise and Cloud-hosted operations, we’re here to help you carve the best, individualized plan for your budget, timeline and every goal. Let’s start the conversation. Reach out to us here, or through web-based chat. We promise our team and approach to your goals is everything but robotic.

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