Insightful. Inspiring. Impactful. Meet Our Leadership Team

Not your typical managers and executives, ImageSoft’s leadership team seats fun-loving characters who regularly call on their unique life experiences, niche expertise, and collaborative natures to uphold the ImageSoft Way. Together, we work to better understand our co-workers, clients, and communities, and support them wherever possible – even if that means just being a friend.

Professional Services Leadership Team

Implementation Team

Partnering with our clients, the implementation team understands and supports each organization’s unique needs to deliver convenient, customized transitions to paperless environments. Fun and easy to work with, they’re also experts in converting stress to laughter among both clients and colleagues.

Pictured left to right and leading four teams across 9 states: Todd, Matt, Crystal and Dan.

Sales & Marketing

Separate but equally fun, sales and marketing work together to bring our products and services to efficiency needs across North America. Other times, they just toss playful banter across the office for all to enjoy.

The guiding hands of our business development teams (and often red-handed in office pranks) are pictured left to right: Steve, Vince, Adam and Kevin.

Business Development Leadership Team
Support Leadership Team

Tom's Teams

Affectionately referred to as “Tom’s Teams,” our cloud services, eFiling help desk, and customer care crews (and Tom!) lend sociable software support to our existing clients.

Pictured left to right are the head troublemakers shooters that keep all of Tom’s Teams in tune: Tom, Bill, Steve, Alec and Erick.

Product Development

Leading with empathy and leveraging ImageSoft’s unique ability to integrate with any system, the “PD” team creates comfortable user experiences for every client. Of course, this is only after they’ve also produced mass chaos in their creative meetings.

Supporting the team that supports ImageSoft innovation is pictured left to right: Jeff, Greg, and AJ.

Product Development Team
Finance and HR Leadership Team

HR & Finance

As ImageSoft insiders, they really do administer our fun culture! Whether managing internal correspondence, coordinating company-wide wellness activities, or facilitating community involvement, our administration team supports the entire organization in all it does.

Aligning our backbone operations, the heads of HR & Finance are pictured left to right: Mary Beth, Terri, and Leanne.

Scott & Dave

Comparable to Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the ‘70s, Scott Bade and Dave Hawkins (with better hair and not-so-groovy glasses) have grown their organic friendship and shared enthusiasm for technology into the decade’s standard for software innovation – ImageSoft, Inc.

Only because corporate by-laws require official titles, Scott is the President and Dave is the CEO. Scott is the visionary who can see where technology is headed and what will be needed. Dave makes the vision a reality by putting the right people in the right seats to support these efforts. Scott is theoretical, Dave is practical. Together, their individual knacks are combustible enough to produce solutions for foreseeable tech problems that will span many industries.

With a lively friendship at the forefront, Scott (left) and Dave (right) enjoy supporting the most charismatic group of people to ever champion software development.

ImageSoft's Visionary and CEO