Honorable. Knowledgeable. Justifiable. The Paperless Court

When court admins, clerks, prosecutors and judges are emancipated from paper, Justice is optimized as cases are met with the urgency and accuracy they deserve.

For Judges

Designed by judges, for judges, aiSMARTBENCH makes life easy by incorporating everything judges need while they are on the bench, in their chambers, or out of the office.

For Clerks

Efficient workdays, happy constituents, and improved office morale. Clerks everywhere are enjoying the benefits of TrueFiling’s modern point-and-click process.

For Prosecution

The Paperless Prosecutor Solution is an end-to-end electronic case file and workflow solution for the prosecuting attorney’s office and law enforcement.

For Court Admins

Modern court administration focuses on satisfying constituent demands for greater access, improved transparency, and increased efficiency.

Wheel of Justice Infographic

Liberating Technology

Purposefully designed for the judicial system, our innovative technologies free your court from the constraints of out-moded processes or enduring the expense and headache of replacing them. Clerks, judges, prosecutors and law enforcement across the country are serving more cases, reducing processing costs, and improving the morale of all parties involved simply by integrating our unparalleled solutions with their case management systems.

The nation’s most respected name for integrations, ImageSoft elevates courts to the standard for paperless environments by working with their vendors to create a seamless exchange of data and documents. With eFiling, eBench, EDMS and robust workflow solutions in the court’s toolbox, each component of the justice system works in real time and completely in sync.

Leveraging highly-configurable workflow technology, your court’s process for routing data and documents around the court is digitally transformed. An efficient and stress-free experience for both your staff and constituents, we’ve helped courts improve their processes by as much as 90 percent.

By choosing optimized efficiency, total transparency, reduced processing costs and five-star public service, the court enjoys the freedom it defends.


Electronic Filing

  • 7x24 Web-based eFile
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Platform
  • CMS and DMS Integration
  • Oasis ECF conformant

Workflow & Electronic Case Files

  • Court Configurable
  • Sophisticated Automation
  • CMS Integration
  • Capture from Any Source

Access for Self-Represented Litigants

  • Improved Access to Justice
  • Self-guided interviews
  • Step-by-step Walk Through
  • 14 Languages Available

eBench Platform

  • Faster Than Paper
  • Real-Time Access
  • High-Speed Searches
  • Configurable to Individuals