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Better Processes = Better Results

Cash-strapped, overburdened City and County Government have varying needs and challenges, but they have at least one thing in common – inefficient, costly, paper processes that impact nearly every aspect of their operations. Outdated paper-based processes hinder communication and information sharing, stall decision making, prevent collaboration, inhibit transparency, and worse yet, waste time and money.

ImageSoft provides content and process management solutions to transform the way County and Local Government provide service. Most government services start and end with a form or document. Our solution, powered by OnBase®, enables the capture, processing and routing of documents electronically, enhancing both transparency and access. Better processes mean faster and better service for constituents, not to mention, better use of government resources.

By eliminating the paper and utilizing automated electronic processes and tools, our innovative Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions have enabled cities and counties nationwide to work smarter and more productively and to accomplish more with fewer resources.

ECM: Linking Documents to Data Throughout the Enterprise

ImageSoft sets the standard for managing content and streamlining business processes across the government enterprise. ImageSoft solutions offer widespread benefits to departments throughout government, including:

  • Improved constituent service by faster access to documents
  • Enhanced collaboration and information sharing between layers of Government
  • Proven accountability and transparency
  • Assured compliance with reporting standards and regulations
  • Elimination of data silos between agencies
  • Reduced labor costs associated with filing, retrieving and processing paper

By linking data and documents and consolidating them into a single, central repository, ImageSoft makes information instantly accessible to all users. This means no more searching for information in paper files or on individual hard drives and faster, better-informed decision making and problem solving across the enterprise. And, seamless integration with your organization’s existing line-of-business applications further extends your organization’s IT investment.

Yet, even with all these benefits, ImageSoft solutions are surprisingly affordable – within the reach of cities and counties of all sizes and varying budgets. They are also scalable – nimble enough to address the needs of a single department or an entire government enterprise, and able to grow with the needs of the organization. Return on investment (ROI) is often achieved within the first year following implementation.