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Order in the Court with Paper-On-Demand

The court system is a complex enterprise with vast amounts of data and documents driven by time-sensitive processes. While a court Case Management System (CMS) manages information related to court docketing, scheduling and other data surrounding court cases, the issues of the physical case file and all the inherent costs and inefficiencies related to paper remain.

JusticeTech allows 100 percent of the court’s information to be managed, automated and securely shared.

In the courts, JusticeTech converts paper files and processes to digital files and provides automated processes to give judges, the clerk, court staff and constituents a “better-than-paper” experience via a paper-on-demand court.

JusticeTech works with the court’s existing CMS to allow a court to become 100 percent electronic while providing automated workflows to seamlessly share and move information among all key parties in the process.

With JusticeTech, ImageSoft has pioneered innovative tools and solutions for courts, clerks, judges, and the public, including: