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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) face daily challenges while serving the community. Mounting workloads, reduced budgets along with a growing mass of police reports, photos, witness statements and other documents that must be promptly shared with the Prosecutor’s office or court, make a difficult job even tougher. And, any delay in getting a warrant or petition authorized may jeopardize public safety.

JusticeTechTM Prosecution Solution for Law Enforcement helps lighten the load of law enforcement by eliminating the paper from the prosecution request process. Using JusticeTech, a police officer – even in a far corner of the county – can prepare a police report to initiate a request for charges, have a supervisor at the post review and submit the request to the Prosecutor’s office, then enable the Prosecutor to screen and authorize charges; all within minutes.

What’s more, the Law Enforcement Agency can rapidly respond to requests for further investigation and track all communication between the LEA and PA office in an automatically created electronic defendant history journal. This transaction journal helps provide greater transparency and accountability. Built-in timer alerts and notifications are used to ensure timely processing of requests. Automatic case status updates from the Prosecutor, such as pre-trial, preliminary exam, trial, or appeal, keep the LEA informed throughout the life cycle of a case.

Central to JusticeTech Prosecution Solution is the processing of electronic subpoenas. Each LEA has a central queue for subpoenas waiting to be served. These are typically assigned and printed by the nearest patrol car. Officers then enter the served status of the subpoena from the car, which in turn updates the Prosecutor’s electronic case file. This eliminates the need to physically sign and return the proof of service to the office.

ImageSoft TrueSign®, the electronic signature component of ImageSoft JusticeTech, also provides benefit and value to Law Enforcement, including:

  • Swear-in charging documents handled remotely by using video conference and signature pad
  • Processing of search warrants with the Prosecutor and Court
  • When combined with JusticeTech eArraignment, enables the officer at the jail to collect a signature from defendant via signature pad

JusticeTech significantly improves the efficiency of law enforcement and enables officers to focus on higher-value activities, such as patrolling the streets, rather than making unnecessary, time-consuming trips to the Court and the Prosecutor’s office.