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Paperless Solutions for the Prosecutor and Law Enforcement

In a criminal case, the Prosecutor’s* office resides squarely in the middle of the flow of paper and requires an ongoing exchange of information with law enforcement and courts. The efficiency of the criminal justice system depends on all components of the system working together.

JusticeTech Prosecution is a comprehensive electronic case file and workflow solution for the prosecuting attorney’s (PA) office and law enforcement. It facilitates communication between the prosecutor and police and allows prosecutors to try cases using a notebook computer, freeing them from the burdens of the paper case file. Depending on requirements, the solution can either integrate with or replace the existing Case Management System (CMS).

Essential to JusticeTech Prosecution is TrueFiling LEAP, a cloud-based portal that enables Law Enforcement to communicate directly with the PA’s office through a secure, auditable channel. LEAP facilitates the electronic warrant request submission process and manages the communication and interaction between the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) and the PA’s office.

The JusticeTech Prosecution solution includes:

  • TrueFiling LEAP
  • Document capture methods (eFiling, scanning and more)
  • Workflow to efficiently review and screen prosecution requests
  • Electronic discovery
  • Electronic subpoenas
  • Docket management
  • CMS integration or replacement