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Public Access to Court Documents

Many of the documents that enter the court system are part of the public record. Providing self-service Web interfaces or kiosks to the public not only promotes public access to information, but also increases constituent satisfaction and reduces the workload of the Court Clerk staff in responding to these requests.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has compounded the need to respond in a timely matter to demands from the public for very specific information. This is a costly and resource-intensive process. JusticeTechTM offers tools to make complying with FOIA requests and keeping constituents in the loop faster, easier and far less expensive.

JusticeTech PublicView offers automated processes to locate case-related information and to ease the process of packaging it for public consumption, including features for automated or manual redaction of sensitive information.

TrueCertifyTM enables certified documents to be delivered and authenticated electronically. It improves service to constituents by providing them with real-time access to certified documents via the Web, greatly improving service, efficiency and document security and saving time and reducing costs in the Clerk’s office.