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Fueling Efficiency in Back Office Operations

Operating at optimal efficiency in Government, like in business, is paramount, and the back office operations of government, are no exception. Departments such as accounts payable and receivable, human resources, records management, and other back office functions, are among the most paper pervasive and subject to the bottle-necks that paper and paper-based process bring.

ImageSoft solutions support government across the enterprise, including access to records, timely processing of financial and Human Resources transactions, and storage and maintenance of historically important documents.

Our Finance and Administration solutions eliminate the paper and automate paper-based tasks to drive efficiency and compliance resulting in reduced exposure to fraud, swifter access to funds, and more accurate and timely information for elected officials.

ImageSoft document and process management solutions enable Government to manage and route documents throughout the organization electronically. Using workflow, digital documents are automatically directed to the appropriate parties, reducing the time staff must spend performing low-value manual tasks and freeing them to devote more time to serving constituent needs.

ImageSoft solutions help:

  • Eliminate paper and low-value, manual steps such as copying, printing and filing
  • Reduce storage costs with a central electronic document repository
  • Integrate with your key software applications for quick, easy information retrieval
  • Mitigate risk with automated audit trails, document histories and records management
  • Reduce cycle times with automatic content-centric processing
  • Respond to records requests quickly and with self-service options
  • Expedite invoice processing and agenda management
  • Improve internal and external transparency
  • Protect secure documents and confidential information
  • Ensure compliance with current mandates and regulations to speed the audit process