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Improving Processes and People Services

When you are responding to people in need, you want to be able to act quickly and efficiently. That’s the mandate and the challenge for those who work in Housing and Health and Human Service (HHS) agencies of government.

ImageSoft’s document and process management solutions provide the tools to enable you to do just that. By simplifying and streaming processes and consolidating documents and information to make them easily and instantly retrievable via a simple mouse-click, ImageSoft eliminates delays and speeds the delivery of service to get constituents the help they need when they most need it.

Traditional paper-based documents and processes involved in intake, application, eligibility and re-certification are time-consuming and expensive and slow the flow of information and impede agency processes. ImageSoft solutions replace paper with electronic documents and standardize and automate critical processes of Housing and HHS to enable greater efficiency and accuracy. That means far fewer steps for overburdened case managers and expedited service for clients in need.

By integrating with your existing Case Management System, our solution links documents with data so that staff and case workers have all the information they need to make, fast well-informed decisions to expedite client services while reducing the costs associated with delivering these services. You will also have the added assurance of knowing that sensitive information is kept safe and secure and that your agency is compliant with state-mandated privacy and retention regulations.

ImageSoft enables you to:

  • Improve client service and hasten delivery of services
  • Connect case management systems and documents for fast, quick retrieval of vital information
  • Increase staff productivity and reduce costs by eliminating paper and paper-based processes
  • Automate manual case management tasks with workflow to improve efficiency and speed delivery of services
  • Secure documents and confidential information
  • Foster and enhance communication, collaboration and information sharing in and between agencies
  • Improve transparency and audit compliance
  • Eliminate errors and increase accuracy of information with automated data capture