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Building Better Government with Process and Content Management Solutions

The challenges confronting State Government today call for fresh thinking and creative approaches. Staying the course simply won’t do. Increasingly, state leaders have discovered the value of ImageSoft’s document management technology and automated workflow in enabling them to build better government.

With such tools in their arsenal against waste and inefficiency, State agencies and departments across the government spectrum are connecting data and documents and transforming the way they do business – abandoning, slow and costly manual paper-based processes for faster, more cost-effective electronic processes and digital documents.

Whether implemented in a single department or enterprise-wide, ImageSoft document management systems reduce bottlenecks that disrupt the flow of information and improve the way State Government works. State leaders and their constituency are quickly seeing the benefits and the ROI, including:

  • Improved constituent services and enhanced public service, despite reduced budgets and staff
  • Better and faster decision making through enhanced communication and collaboration
  • Improved levels of productivity and efficiency
  • Flexible, faster, more cost-efficient government
  • Hard savings from reduced labor, paper costs and file storage costs
  • Greater transparency through centralized document access and audit trails
  • Ensured disaster recovery

ImageSoft content and process management solutions bring exceptional change to the way government works. Our systems are affordable and cost effective, and return on investment (ROI) is often achieved within the first year following implementation.

Flexible in our delivery approach, ImageSoft can provide an enterprise-wide solution or work incrementally – agency by agency – to implement a technology system that readily expands and grows with the needs of the organization. What’s more, our solutions integrate easily and seamlessly with your existing line-of-business applications to further extend the value of your technology investment.