ImageSoft Government Summit is June 10, 2010 in Lansing, Michigan.

Breakout Details

Breakout Session #2 (Select ONE Session)
11:15 A.M. – 12:00 p.M.

Automated Indexing and Advanced Capture      

Jeff Welan, Advanced Capture Sales Specialist, Hyland Software

Automated Indexing uses template-based OCR technology to lift printed information directly from the image page and classify and index documents. This reduces your indexing burden, improves indexing accuracy, decreases bottlenecks typically associated with the indexing process and expedites the entry of critical documents and data into your OnBase system. This session will introduce the business benefits and efficiencies that can be gained by using OnBase Indexing and Capture tools and will dispel the myth that these are “big-budget” solutions.

Best Practices for OnBase System Administrators

James Leneschmidt, Chief Technology Officer, ImageSoft, Inc.

No one in your organization knows the OnBase System like the System Administrator. But even the most up-to-speed Sys Admin can benefit from added fuel in the tank to rev up their OnBase skill set. This session promises to provide that. Learn how new strategies using OnBase incremental upgrades allow you to upgrade more safely and on your schedule; hear about the use of virtual server technology; discuss best practices in storage and backup and how to best protect your data; and learn daily, weekly and monthly tasks that every OnBase System Administrator should think about.

iJustice for the Friend of the Court

John Battles, Director, Friend of the Court, Genesee County, Michigan

ECM is an important investment for a County, and in the case of Genesee County, for its FOC in particular. John Battles, who leads Genesee’s FOC, will discuss his County’s OnBase experience – pre- and post-implementation. He’ll relay the many considerations for choosing OnBase, the cost involved, the real value of the technology and workflow, as well as lessons learned. Hear how the Genesee County FOC drastically cut the bench warrant process, reduced a
six-month backlog in judgment modifications to 45 days, quadrupled the number of modifications it processed, realized substantial savings in labor and other costs and improved service to citizens. He will also outline the County’s plans to leverage its investment for the future to help it achieve its long-term goals.

SharePoint and ECM: Better Together

Steve Bouton, Channel Account Manager, Hyland Software

Need insight, understanding and hard evidence about why and where OnBase fits into your organization in conjunction with SharePoint? This session will explain how to combine the high-volume transactional content management strengths of OnBase with SharePoint to better manage content and operations processes without the need for custom development. It will also explain which to use when – OnBase or SharePoint – and why.