ImageSoft Government Summit is June 10, 2010 in Lansing, Michigan.

Breakout Details

Breakout Session #3 (Select ONE Session)
1:00 p.M. – 1:45 p.M.

Case Management: Convergence of Data and Documents

Terri Jones, Industry Marketing Manager, Hyland Software

Managing any case-based process is challenging when information is stored in multiple systems. Data and documents need to be aggregated to provide a complete picture. This session will focus on new OnBase tools for creating a case management system as well as existing tools that enable you to integrate with case management. Learn how you can sync information from multiple systems to provide a consolidated view of all the data, documents, files and case history so that employees (from the Health Department, Housing Authority, Road Commission and other like agencies) have all the information needed to collaborate on the issues, make well-informed decisions and process the case.

Going Mobile: Changing the Way Government Services are Delivered

Terry Chaudhuri, Senior Sales Engineer, ImageSoft, Inc.

The world has gone mobile. Smartphones and tablet PCs are rapidly changing the way we work. Access to services, processes and content from these mobile devices is becoming increasingly critical. Employees want it, constituents expect it, and government must adapt. Join this discussion on how mobile devices are changing the way essential citizen services are delivered, both inside and outside the firewall. Learn how the movement to mobile is impacting Government operations – from Public Safety to Parks & Rec – and how you can leverage mobile devices to put content, services and processes at users’ fingertips while they’re on the go.

iJustice for the Prosecutor

William Nichols, Prosecutor, Monroe County, Michigan

This session will highlight the benefits and challenges of implementing an end-to-end electronic prosecution solution between law enforcement and the Prosecutor’s office. A live demonstration will be provided featuring TrueFiling for law enforcement, integration with ACT/JCT, screening, electronic discovery, electronic subpoenas, and more. Prosecutor William Nichols will share his unique perspective on how Monroe County has benefitted from this comprehensive justice solution.

The OnBase Unity Client: Briefcase, Forms and New Features

Colleen Alber, Software Product Evangelist, Hyland Software

The Unity Client is more than just a pretty face. Beyond aesthetically pleasing, the Unity Client is a feature-rich, “smart client” that’s optimized for a WAN environment— enabling you to improve the OnBase user experience.
Attend this session to learn about the Unity Client Server as a platform; features unique to Unity; advantages of Unity architecture; Unity Client vs. OnBase Client vs. Web Client and much more!