ImageSoft Government Summit is June 6 in Lansing, Michigan.

10:45 A.M. - 11:40 A.M.

Developing a Business Case and Securing Funding for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions

Dan Krueger, County Clerk/Register of Deeds, Ottawa
County, MI

This presentation will examine the process of building consensus and justifying the purchase of an ECM system that crosses over multiple departments within a government organization. Navigating the process is challenging due to many factors, including politics, tight budgets, turf issues, leadership, IT infrastructure, technical complexity, vendor overlap, state issues and more. Hear real-world experience from Ottawa County, which developed the most comprehensive paperless workflow solution in Michigan and has continued to grow its solution internally for more than five years. Learn how to establish the oversight team, create consensus, create the RFP, and how to lead the team through the entire process.

Intro to JusticeTechTM: Platform for Improving Efficiency, Transparency and Access

Ryan Foley, Senior Enterprise Architect, ImageSoft

JusticeTech, formally known as iJustice, is evolving as a solution and as a product with each new implementation. At its most basic level, JusticeTech is an electronic case file and workflow platform for extending your existing Case Management System. It includes workflow templates that can be easily tailored for all case types across the entire justice enterprise. The JusticeTech product suite also includes public-facing portal technology for electronic filing, document access (e-Commerce), and managing certified documents. This session provides an overview of each JusticeTech component as well as examples on how JusticeTech is being used across the country to improve caseflow management.

Leveraging Agile Techniques to Implement Workflow Solutions More Efficiently

Toni Smith, Senior Account Manager, ImageSoft
Michelle Telecky, Senior Business Analyst, ImageSoft

After years of implementing workflow solutions using a traditional Waterfall methodology, ImageSoft has learned a lesson from its internal development team and has adopted an Agile methodology for deploying workflow solutions. Agile eliminates much of the traditional design documentation in favor or controlled “Sprints” and “Releases” where the solution is built collaboratively. This session will explain the agile process and discuss the benefits and risks it presents.

The Truth About TrueFiling

Dan Mayernik, Director of Product Development, ImageSoft
Scott Bade, President, ImageSoft

Adoption of e-Filing has advantages to all parties in the justice system as it increases efficiency and transparency and improves access to the courts. TrueFiling is unique in that it provides a filing tool for lawyers, pro se filers, law enforcement and other related justice agencies. As more courts recognize the multitude of benefits e-Filing provides, it is increasingly being adopted in courts across the nation. This session will focus on how courts and clerks’ offices have used ImageSoft’s TrueFiling tool for onboarding filings and evidence, to improve online service, to save time and to work more efficiently. It will cover the latest features of this time and cost-saving tool and will discuss how the court accepts and replies to filings using TrueFiling.