ImageSoft Government Summit is June 6 in Lansing, Michigan.

1:45 P.M. - 2:40 P.M.

The Future of the Courts: 2025 – What’s on the Horizon?

Peter Kiefer, Civil Court Administrator, Maricopa County, AZ

Who among us has not wanted to know the secret of what the future holds? We routinely watch pundits predict what life has in store over the next five to years. Our nation’s trial courts are also faced with the challenge of looking into the future of the judicial branch as they work to develop the court’s strategic plans. This highly interactive session will share the remarkable results of an international survey of over 200 court professionals who helped identify some of the most likely scenarios that may affect courts by the year 2025. On a practical level, this project offers a new tool for looking at the future: a vetted set of scenarios—some of which we will examine during this presentation—that are likely to occur within the next 10 to 15 years, as well as their implications on the courts.

United for Unity – The OnBase Unity Client

Colleen Alber, Product Evangelist, Hyland Software

From a rich feature set and centralized administration to seamless integration, this session will explore reasons why once you try Unity you never go back! We’ll uncover many features unique to the Unity Client—from Personal Pages to Interactive Data Capture—enabling you to improve the OnBase user experience. We’ll empower you to discover all that the Unity platform has to offer, including hidden gems like generating a CSV file with DocPOP links, integrated Workflow, and the ability to send a document as an encrypted PDF. Specifically, we’ll discuss how filtering, document creation and transformation, Unity Signatures, Unity Imaging and even OnBase Search will revolutionize the way your users work. With several exciting new enhancements in OnBase 13, we guarantee you’ll learn something new.

Small County - Big Results: Clinton County JusticeTech Case Study

Kathi Weigold, Senior System Support Technician, Clinton County, MI

How does a small county on a tight budget dramatically improve its efficiency, transparency and access to critical court documents? Clinton County, MI, with a population of 75,000, will share the story of how it accomplished just that by strategically investing in ImageSoft’s JusticeTech solution. This session will discuss the County’s experience both pre- and post-implementation. It will review the many considerations for choosing JusticeTech, the cost involved, the real value of the technology, as well as lessons learned. You’ll receive first-hand knowledge of how the County implemented a fully electronic case file and workflow system between the Friend of the Court, Circuit Court and Circuit Court Records and hear how key documents, such as Orders, are now electronically generated, signed, and routed. In addition, you’ll learn how this progressive county implemented a workflow solution to automate processes in Probate Court.

JusticeTech JudgeView - A Glimpse into the Future

Scott Bade, President, ImageSoft

As courts change from burdensome paper-based processes to a paper on demand model in which digital documents replace paper documents, judges too are changing the way they work. New technologies, such as JusticeTech’s JudgeView enable them to work faster and more efficiently at the bench, in chambers and even remotely. The JudgeView judicial interface offers a touch-screen/tablet solution for courts that significantly expands the value of JusticeTech and provides judges with a better-than-paper experience. This session will showcase the multiple features of this easy to use judicial interface, which was uniquely designed for judges based on input from them. You’ll learn how JudgeView’s combined view of CMS and ECM data puts the information judges need at their fingertips WHEN they need it, to make well-informed decisions about the cases that come before them, enabling them to work smarter and more productively.