ImageSoft Government Summit is June 6 in Lansing, Michigan.

3:00 P.M. - 3:55 P.M.

What You Don’t Know… How to Leverage ImageSoft Customer Care and Hyland Community

Colleen Alber, Product Evangelist, Hyland Software
Tom Hansel, Technical Team Support Lead, ImageSoft

A key to system health and maximizing return on your technology investment is the ongoing use of support and online tools. This session, presented jointly by ImageSoft and Hyland, will provide an overview of how to get the most out of the ImageSoft Customer Care program, including support procedures, how to access Customer Care when you need help, what to expect, and what your responsibilities are. In addition, you’ll also learn how to use the vast and growing resources available in the Hyland Community Website to improve your OnBase experience.

(Repeat) Intro to JusticeTechTM: Platform for Improving Efficiency, Transparency and Access

Ryan Foley, Senior Enterprise Architect, ImageSoft

JusticeTech, formally known as iJustice, is evolving as a solution and as a product with each new implementation. At its most basic level, JusticeTech is an electronic case file and workflow platform for extending your existing Case Management System. It includes workflow templates that can be easily tailored for all case types across the entire justice enterprise. The JusticeTech product suite also includes public-facing portal technology for electronic filing, document access (e-Commerce), and managing certified documents. This session provides an overview of each JusticeTech component as well as examples on how JusticeTech is being used across the country to improve caseflow management.

A Portal to Justice--JusticeTech PublicView

Scott Bade, President, ImageSoft

In this digital age, when most of what we want or need is nearly instantly available on the Web, including news, information, music, movies, products and services, citizens have come to expect the same from government agencies. They want public information to be readily and easily accessible via the Internet. JusticeTech’s PublicView is a self-serve Web interface that enables citizens to search and retrieve court documents on the Web. It is a great convenience for citizens and a time and cost-saving alternative and revenue stream for courts. In this session, we’ll showcase the features and benefits of PublicView; learn how it will improve citizen service and satisfaction, reduce the workload of court staff, and promote public access to the courts.

Using OnBase as a CMS

Toni Smith, Senior Account Manager, ImageSoft

Did you know that the WorkView module in OnBase is a great case management system? The module is configurable and completely flexible to satisfy the needs of a court that has unique processing needs. WorkView provides a tool for holding, managing and processing all the information and documents related to a case. With OnBase WorkView, case-based solutions incorporate documents, tasks, reminders, check-ins, follow-up information, notes, activities, recorded thoughts and much more. WorkView provides a 360-degree view of your case-based processes, allowing for smarter, faster decisions because all of the information you need is readily accessible. Attend this session to learn how you can leverage your OnBase system to streamline case-based processes with OnBase WorkView.