Government SolutionsGetting Agencies Automated for Ultimate Efficiency

When we automate your processes using OnBase, we give you a 360-degree view of all the information, records and documents you need in one, single platform.

Housing & Human Services

Enhance your agency's ability to serve the critical needs of your constituents through process automation.

Justice & Public Safety

Enable your court to go paperless with eFiling, electronic workflow and eBench solutions.

Finance & Administration

Bring order and automation to your processes with a flexible solution.

Planning & Public Services

Streamline the plan review process and provide mapping integration to manage all aspects of your assets and development.

OnBase for Government gives you a 380 view of Documents

Government Goes Digital

Many government agencies are working with outdated IT systems. How outdated? The U.S. Department of Defense’s IT still has critical systems running on 1970s-computing systems, complete with 8-inch floppy disks. If federal government agencies are using legacy systems 30 years or older and obsolete hardware, what does that mean for state and local governments?

They’re just as slow to modernize. If you’re using a mainframe that hasn’t been high tech since you listened to REO Speedwagon on cassettes, how do you meet constituents' needs? The good news is cities, counties and states are trying to operate more efficiently. Even better, ImageSoft can get your agency to where you want to be: digital, efficient, mobile and stress-free.

We’ll bring in an enterprise content management system as an affordable, agile solution with no change-up in IT software needed. We’ll integrate with your current system. Our solution is economically smart and it will grow and adapt with you in the future.

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There’s never been a better time to turn to technology

When we automate your processes using OnBase, we give you a 360-degree view of the information, records and documents you need in one platform.

If you want to please the people you serve, you need to have the technology to get your job done. And with a rapidly retiring workforce in government, what happens to the institutional knowledge that leaves with the staff? Wouldn’t it be better to have that knowledge preserved in a modern system that routes your data and digitized documents and is easy to search anywhere and by anyone with the right access? The faster and easier work is for you, the sooner the constituents get what they need. We’re here to help your agency increase transparency, ease processes, bring you service capabilities and take your current system to its full potential. And you can say goodbye to file cabinets, paper, ink and floppy disks.

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