Housing & Human Services Solutions Streamline Shelter Services for Easing Case Overload

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The work you’re doing is crucial. You’re the bridge helping those in need gain affordable housing. Even with reduced budgets, housing agencies are tasked with trying to efficiently manage tenants and properties, document and re-certify their eligibility and manage subsidized properties. And it’s not an easy process for anyone trying to get approved but it’s also a challenge for staffers trying to juggle growing caseloads and the necessary physical documents and forms that need to be filled out, routed and submitted for approval.

Automating your processes and going paperless will save time and tons of storage space. You can securely store required documents, including applications, certifications and credit reports, in a single repository. Case files can be automatically routed between staff based on your rules that are configured in the system. And don’t worry about having to re-train the crew—you can keep your current case system because we’ll integrate with your system. It’s simple to search and access key supporting information for cases and learn if crucial documents are missing. Your staff is more productive and able to focus on serving clients quickly.

Affordable Housing

We know what you need. Easy retrieval of secure records with way less transaction time than the status quo. Your clients need a roof over their heads. Affordable shelter. And it’s your job to get them there as soon as the system will allow. How? You need better workplace process efficiency. And that’s what we do. When we work with your agency, you’ll find it’s a smooth, positive experience for all. We’ll integrate our cost-effective program with your data system so staffers continue using the system they are familiar with. We can bring you automation and case management tools and a secure documents repository. Virtual file cabinets and paperless desks will be your new reality while your caseworkers in the field take delight in secure mobile access to digital files.

Eligibility Determination

When you have to chase papers sent between offices or from multiple systems, it doesn’t help the slow process of approving applicants. You may receive 75-200 sheets of paper for one applicant. And then you get to sort out all the papers. Every year there is a re-certification process to see if tenants are still eligible which entails another round of forms and tracking which ones are completed.

That’s why our solution is so vital – it captures documents electronically with automatic sorting, so you can store and retrieve them. If responding to a call about an application, you don’t have to pull the physical file or track the file down on someone else’s desk. The electronic case file with automatic, color-coded tabs can be a click away from your existing case management system. Meet your goal of quickly getting your clients through initial and annual reviews, while making sure staff can easily find data and prevent sensitive documents from getting mis-filed or lost. And making sure that only the appropriate staffers have access to confidential information.

Grant Management and Compliance

Government agencies struggle with shrinking budgets. Each grant and program dollar matters but agencies still have to manage the service of delivery grants and contracts while supporting compliance with smaller, often less-experienced staffs, as seasoned agency experts retire. How can your department keep documents secure and easily retrievable while avoiding compliance risk?

With our solution, you can store all required documentation in one place, enforce records retention, and automate compliance tasks making sure that no funds are spent before the required tasks, monitoring visits and federal requirements are met.

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