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Business Specific Solutions

Home Medical Equipment

Set yourself apart in the $10 Billion HME market. Work more efficiently and grow your business. No need to search through paper files, track down missing documents or re-file documents.

  • All documents easily accessible from each user's desk.
  • Instantly access files, eliminating "busy work" wasted on filing.
  • Increase productivity; time saved is available to tend to primary job functions.

Expand your business without sacrificing customer service or additional personnel.


Health Information Management

In addition to improving patient care and safety, an OnBase Solution creates cost savings and operational efficiencies in the health information management (HIM) department. By providing a means to centralize a comprehensive EHR, OnBase reduces labor and cycle times for chart analysis, deficiency completion and coding.

  • Eliminate costs associated with assembling, transporting and storing physical documents
  • Provide access to multiple authorized users, significantly reducing turnaround times by allowing concurrent coding and deficiency completion
  • Facilitate HIPAA compliance by eliminating the risk associated with shipping charts, controlling access to chart data and creating audit trails to access individually identifiable health information

Improve patient safety by allowing clinicians to view a chart that is being coded


Revenue Cycle

With an exclusive endorsement from the American Hospital Association (AHA) as an integrated document management solution to improve revenue cycle management, the OnBase product helps healthcare providers consolidate and control the mass of paper-based and electronic documents, including EOB’s.

  • Improve the integrity of patient financial records and reduce cycle times.
  • OnBase can help reduce days in AR and improve efficiencies.

Employees have immediate access to the information they need to code, bill, research, and resolve patient accounts.


Back Office

From AP processes to HR management, ImageSoft Healthcare solutions allow organizations to reduce operational expenses and focus resources on revenue-producing activities. With a strong record of accomplishment in the back office, our customers:

  • Reduce cycle times with automatic content-centric processing
  • Ensure complete information and accuracy for improved vendor and customer relationships
  • Integrate with other applications for simpler retrieval of documents
  • Reduce storage costs with a central electronic repository
  • Mitigate risk with automatic audit trails, document histories and records management

We are experts in workflow processes and mimic your current business process in accordance with YOUR business rules. As a result of this type of processing, low-value paper based tasks are significantly reduced.