Although the definition of “meaningful use” remains somewhat unclear, a complete EHR will always be a vital component. But while MEDITECH is very good with patient data, it can miss important information that originates outside of it. Unstructured content like paper, faxes, images, photos, forms, etc., are missed by even the best systems.

To capture the information most EHRs overlook, many hospitals are creating an enterprise content management (ECM) strategy with OnBase. HIM scans in paper documents, and OnBase links it directly to MEDITECH. Then, users just double-click to bring up the documents related to that MEDITECH screen. Users retrieve clinical content, such as photos, PACs images and EKGs, in the same way.

Scanning and archiving systems aren’t enough, and upgrades are often very expensive and take one to two years to implement. MEDITECH hospitals across the country are realizing that ECM solutions are deployed quickly and for a fraction of the cost.

  • Physicians, nurses and staff have a secure one-stop shop for patient information in MEDITECH, improving adoption and satisfaction
  • By using the same ECM system in departments such as billing and accounts receivable, payroll and personnel and accounts payable, hospitals create exponential value with one ECM system
  • Creates a full patient picture and improves processes hospital-wide – without the time and expense of a major upgrade

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