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Departmental Solutions

human resources

Employees are the heart of any organization. It is important to maintain an accurate and secure record on every employee in your company.

Whether you are separating employee policies and claims, looking to hire more staff, or needing to track whether your employees read policies and procedures the ImageSoft solution can help ensure the integrity of the process.



Documents are at the heart of every transaction in your accounting system. ImageSoft can make these documents available at a touch of a button. If you have an Accounts Payable operation that is highly manual, stream lining approvals and invoice processing to take advantage of discounts coupled with lower processing costs and higher accuracy are key to lowering cost and gaining efficiency.



With not only Sarbanes Oxley, but also many other regulatory agencies reviewing your operation, compliance is always a critical part of an organization. ImageSoft can assist with the right solution to address compliance needs regardless of the overseeing authority. With a SOX component and complete audit trails, our solution for compliance will reduce the impact on your organizations resources.


records management

Recent regulation on retention such as the storage of emails and internal and external documentation has caused a burden and potential risk for many companies today. Our solution can address, document retention, email retention, records management and physical records management to ensure effective and efficient processes are in place.



Processing claims impacts many aspects of an organization. ImageSoft understands that the processing of claims includes a reduction in the cost of claims processing while at the same time maintaining superior customer service and satisfaction. Our Insurance experts can assist in ways even your current vendor may not. Give us a call to discuss your potential for improvement today.



The Underwriting process is at the heart of an organizations growth. Improved sales channels, reduced days outstanding for new business and efficient communication are critical to be competitive, grow and retain the channel. ImageSoft has many options to reach your goals from the mail process to policy issuance.


policy issuance

Many insurance companies have a unique challenge in Policy issuance since the "New Business Application" is inserted into the printed policy requiring manual effort. Give ImageSoft a call if you want to know more about how we can automatically insert these applications right into the policy eliminating manual insertion and to find out other ways we can assist with policy issuance.


rates & filing

Position your company for increased profitability by reducing expenses with a structure reacting swiftly to changes in new regulations and state expansions. Many insurers face regulatory compliance with great trepidation. Image Soft enables insurers to face the challenge of regulator compliance without apprehension. Imagine gaining an advantage over competitors by tackling business regulatory requirements with precision and cost effectiveness. Insurers who have compliance strategies in place gain a competitive advantage and effortlessly adapt to changing regulatory environments and are better positioned to avoid penalties for non-compliance. By contrast, regulatory compliance undertaken by reactionary methods makes the process extremely labor intensive and bound for errors. A synchronized plan with automation eases the burden.