ImageSoft Justice Summit is June 2-3 in Plymouth, Michigan.

Session #1 Workshop Details
10:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.

Prosecution Roundtable: Automated Criminal Case Management & Processing

Learn how comprehensive electronic case files and workflow solutions are freeing Prosecutor’s, District Attorney’s and Law Enforcement from the burdens of paper, and allowing them to share information digitally. Our roundtable is ready to answer your questions on encountering changing economic conditions, improving efficiencies with decreasing staff and much more:

  • RMS Integration
  • Warrant Manual Integration
  • Return on Investment
  • Electronic Discovery & Subpeonas
  • Court Communication

What’s New in OnBase® (14 & 15)

Colleen Alber, Product Evangelist, Hyland Software

OnBase 14 and 15 deliver tremendous value for every government agency, with enhancements that make it easier than ever to administer, optimize and grow your OnBase implementation. Our intent is for your OnBase solutions not to stay static, but instead to continually evolve to drive even greater levels of efficiency and productivity, and to meet the changing demands of your organization. We'll start with a high-level overview, and then discuss all of the new products and major enhancements including these technologies: Advanced Capture, Case Management, Unity, Mobile Access, Esri Integration, MS Office, Agenda, Public Access, Plan Review and Reporting.

Clerk Roundtable: The Clerk's Role in an Automated Court

Take a deeper dive into the transformed world of electronic clerk solutions. Our panelists have implemented end-to-end electronic solutions for court and vital records and are ready to share behind the scenes stories on the challenges they overcame, the lessons learned and benefits realized from the solution. Topics to be covered include:

  • Document Capture of Court Records
  • Clerk Certified Documents
  • Public Access
  • CMS Integration
  • Payment Processing