ImageSoft Justice Summit is June 7-8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Session #1 Workshop Details
10:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.

Caseflow Management – More than just Case Management

Did you know that the WorkView module in OnBase is a great Case Management System (CMS) that can provide total Caseflow Management? WorkView is setting new standards serving as a tool for holding, managing and processing all the information and documents related to a case that can be used across your entire organization. With OnBase WorkView, case-based solutions incorporate documents, tasks, reminders, notes, activities; seamlessly incorporating OnBase Workflow and other OnBase modules. This powerful combination ultimately provides you with a total Caseflow Management solution superior to many of the CMS products in the market today. Attend this session to learn how your organization can leverage WorkView for Caseflow Management and to get an overview of the upcoming ImageSoft JusticeTech CMS product and features.

Recommended for: Clerks, Judges, Prosecutors

A Day in the Life of Criminal Prosecution: A Live Demo

Prosecuting criminal cases electronically dramatically improves transparency and efficiency that many technology vendors have yet to figure out. During this live demonstration, representatives from the Warren Police Department, Warren City Attorney’s Office, and Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office will showcase their forward-thinking criminal case prosecution solutions and discuss firsthand how it has benefited them. Session highlights include:

  • LEAP portal with RMS Integration
  • Processing Warrant Requests
  • Electronic Discovery & Subpoenas
  • Working electronically in the courtroom
Recommended for: Prosecutors, District Attorneys, Law Enforcement

Maximize ROI in Your OnBase Investment: Discover What’s New with ImageSoft Professional Services

The ImageSoft Professional Services team has made some key changes to help you get the most out of your OnBase investment. This session will help you to learn what has been done to transform the Professional Services department into a project delivery factory that keeps your projects on schedule, on budget, and smoothly transitioning to Customer Care. What has not changed is our focus on quality, data security, and providing you the level of experience and leadership you expect from ImageSoft. The ImageSoft Professional Services team is a big part of maximizing your ROI and expanding the use of OnBase for your organization. Key areas this session will cover are:

  • Guiding your project to success during initiation & kickoff
  • Leveraging Change Management
  • Setting yourself up for success with User Acceptance Testing
  • No Fear Post Go Live
Recommended for: All

You Be the Judge - Do You Have the Right Tools to Manage the Electronic Case Files?

eFiling is around the corner. Often the current technology in place is not suited for judges and their staff. That’s because the systems are built with the clerk’s office in mind. This session includes a discussion of the key differences between a clerk’s case management system versus a Judicial eBench and the benefits to the judges/their staff. In addition, there will be a demonstration of the Mentis Technology Solutions judicial tools product, aiSmartBench.

Recommended for: Court Admins, Judges