ImageSoft Justice Summit is June 2-3 in Plymouth, Michigan.

Session #3 Workshop Details
1:40 P.M. - 2:40 P.M.

What’s New with ImageSoft JusticeTech®?

Nathan Armaly, Senior Systems Engineer, ImageSoft
Scott Bade, President, ImageSoft
Ryan Foley, Senior Enterprise Architect, ImageSoft
Michelle Telecky, Product Owner, ImageSoft

JusticeTech is a platform of solutions that provide an electronic case file and workflow automation to courts. JusticeTech works in conjunction with your existing Case Management System (CMS) to allow a court to store and manage 100% of your information in digital form. ImageSoft has developed JusticeTech templates for most major court types and case types. These templates allow us to leverage best practices to provide a cost effective solution that can be easily tailored to meet the unique needs of the trial court and related office. This session includes an overview on the JusticeTech solution suite along with real-world examples and a demonstration. This is a must attend session if your court’s goal is to work 100% electronically!

Expanding your OnBase® Solution

Colleen Alber, Product Evangelist, Hyland Software

Capture. Manage. Access. Integrate. Measure. Store. As an OnBase professional, these six words are your tool to 1.) describe what OnBase does, 2.) design solutions and 3.) expand existing systems. During this session Colleen Alber will walk you through exactly how to use the OnBase product categories to accomplish these three things. She’ll discuss reasons behind the newly renamed category, introduce NEW resources available (you’ll get a hardcopy of the updated workbook!) and share success stories. Whether brand new or veteran—these categories have proven successful in communicating the value of the OnBase suite—come find out how!

eFiling Roundtable: Reaping the Digital Benefits (repeat)

Electronic Filing is being implemented by courts across the country because it improves constituent service and court efficiency. With this new technology comes some unique challenges for courts on how best to manage and process case documents and data exclusively in electronic format. ImageSoft has implemented TrueFiling in a number of courts across the country. This session includes an overview on the TrueFiling solution suite together with a roundtable discussion of lessons learned with key customers. Questions will also be taken from the floor on:

  • Implementation Strategies
  • CMS Integration
  • File & Review Processes
  • Pro Se eFilings
  • Hurdles to Adoption