ImageSoft Justice Summit is June 2-3 in Plymouth, Michigan.

Session #4 Workshop Details
3:10 P.M. - 4:10 P.M.

Trial Court Roundtable: Automating Court Processing

A high-level look into what it’s like to manage the unique processes behind trial court case types in an electronic trial court. This roundtable gives you a chance to hear first-hand experiences and ask questions on how day-to-day routine has changed within the court since going digital. Additional topics to be covered include:

  • Clerk Certified Documents
  • Court Process Workflow
  • Judicial eSignature
  • Electronic Arraignment
  • Docket Management

Using OnBase as a CMS

Toni Smith, Senior Account Manager, ImageSoft
Michelle Telecky, Product Owner, ImageSoft

Did you know that the WorkView module in OnBase is a great Case Management System (CMS)? WorkView can serve as a tool for holding, managing and processing all the information and documents related to a case and can be used enterprise wide. With OnBase WorkView, case-based solutions incorporate documents, tasks, reminders, check-ins, follow-up information, notes, activities, recorded thoughts and much more. WorkView provides a 360-degree view of your case-based processes, allowing for smarter, faster decisions because all of the information you need is readily accessible. Templates for IT Help Desk Tracking, Legal Contracts Management, Facilities Project Management, HR Onboarding and Vendor Management are available for rapid and easy deployment. Attend this session to learn how you can leverage your OnBase system to streamline case-based processes with OnBase WorkView.

Judicial Roundtable: Judging with an Electronic Case File

Not all Judges are quick to accept technological innovation in the courtroom. Once you hear from our panel of veteran Judges who not only use, but embrace, how technology has streamlined court operations and reduced costs, it’ll be hard to believe more Judges aren’t on board. Hear their perspectives on the real value of:

  • Judicial eSignature
  • Electronic Case Files from the Bench
  • Court Staff Communication
  • Secure Judge Notes
  • Trying Cases Electronically