ImageSoft Justice Summit is June 7-8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Session #4 Workshop Details
3:15 P.M. - 4:15 P.M.

OnBase for Justice: ECM Trends

It can be difficult to keep up with shrinking budgets and increasing demand for information as trends change. Meeting the needs of your constituents can be challenging as they are more informed, have better access to technology and a higher level of service expectations. Learn more about how you can use OnBase to stay ahead of the growing demands in government including transparency, resiliency, self-service, mobility, and compliance.

Recommended for: All

Transforming Justice: A Roundtable on Full Enterprise Solutions

Bring your entire organization into the digital era with an enterprise-wide solution. Enterprise-wide solutions transform the justice system into a more efficient, productive, and technology-savvy organization. Our customer panelists, each at different stages of implementing enterprise-wide solutions, will bring their knowledge and expertise on implementing end-to-end electronic solutions. Our roundtable is ready to share:

  • Behind the scene stories
  • Challenges faced
  • Lessons learned
  • Benefits realized
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The Dark Side of Data: When Bad Things Happen to Good Admins

The phrase, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” is one that IT departments are all too familiar with. Hard drives wiped clean, system back-ups gone missing, employees clicking their cursor where they shouldn’t be… We’ve heard it all. This session will share some true-life IT nightmare scenarios and how you can learn to avoid them by being cautious and thoughtful about IT security.

Recommended for: OnBase Admins, IT