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Departmental Solutions

Accounts Payable / Receivable

Increase productivity by automating AP invoice approval processing. By use of Kofax X-Trata Pro Software, ImageSoft can automate your invoice processing needs, reducing staff and ensuring accurate data extraction and entry directly into line of business applications. For companies leveraging early payment discounts, our solutions ensure you never miss one again.



ImageSoft CAD integrations allows for storage of CAD drawings and ability to export/view utilizing a Spicer viewer. This enables manufacturing employees the ability to "check out" "check in" CAD drawings for field work. The Spicer viewer also enables users to make changes to existing drawings in the field and store the revision as a separate document in the OnBase repository. All revisions include history, so users can easily track and follow the changes made to existing drawings.


Shipping and Receiving

Electronic Signatures, auto pick lists and automated issuance of proof of delivery receipts, enables manufacturing organizations to streamline the entire shipping process. Direct links to line-of-business accounting systems ensures goods are billed for immediately, reducing the cycle time of payment.