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ImageSoft, Inc. Unveils OnBase Patient and Contact Tracing Software To Aid In Coronavirus Fight

July 27, 2020

ImageSoft, Inc., a software development and digital transformation firm, has unveiled its OnBase Patient and Contact Tracing Software, which will aid in the ongoing battle against the spread of COVID-19. Developed in conjunction with the Ottawa County Department of Public Health (OCDPH), this cloud-based application has a 91 percent response rate due to its simple text-based response format.

The tracing software is available to health departments throughout the U.S. looking for innovative and effective ways to fight COVID-19. Vince Hanson, ImageSoft Director of Sales and Marketing made the announcement.

ImageSoft's solution solves many problems currently facing other tracing solutions, including patient response rate and privacy issues, while freeing up time for health care workers to focus on patient care.

"Our approach, developed with a trusted Public Health Department, does not require anyone to 'opt-in,' eliminating many of the privacy issues people have. Its origins stem from the challenges and recommendations of front-line workers, such as nurses and epidemiologists," Hanson said. "This software has saved thousands of hours for front-line healthcare workers and allows them to prioritize cases and immediately identify urgent patients."

Data capture allows for up-to-the-minute reporting, accuracy, and ability to connect with other members of the healthcare community. Real-time dashboards increase accuracy of patient monitoring.

Upon launching, OCDPH immediately began surveying new patients, tracing contacts and high-risk populations, and building an interconnected public health community of nurses, epidemiologists, environmental health professionals to flatten the curve.

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