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JusticeTech is an end-to-end digital justice system solution for courts, prosecutors and law enforcement that enables these agencies to achieve a 100 percent electronic environment. JusticeTech improves efficiency and productivity by eliminating paper files and processes, automating manual processes and enabling documents and data to be shared digitally. More Information on JusticeTech

JusticeTech Court

JusticeTech Court is a comprehensive electronic case file and workflow solution that integrates with the court’s existing Case Management System to create a 100 percent electronic court. It eliminates burdensome paper-based files and processes, improves productivity in the clerk’s office and provides 24x7 online services to citizens.
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JusticeTech Prosecution

JusticeTech Prosecution is a comprehensive electronic case file and workflow solution for the prosecuting attorney’s office. It frees prosecutors from the burdens of the paper case file and enables them to prosecute cases using a notebook computer.

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OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases. OnBase has transformed thousands of organizations worldwide by empowering them to become more agile, efficient and effective.

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TrueFiling is a standards-based eFiling solution for attorneys, law enforcement and other justice agencies. TrueFiling offloads document capture and indexing to the filer while improving file integrity and accountability.

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TrueSign is an easy-to-use electronic signature tool letting users create legally compliant electronic signatures in real time as part of the workflow, improving overall throughput and transparency while eliminating the need to print a document, sign and rescan it.

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TrueCertify enables certified documents to be delivered and authenticated electronically via email by the clerk and downloaded from a secure website by citizens. It greatly improves efficiency, document security and service to citizens.

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