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    Is your organization struggling with too much paper? Losing track of critical documents in multiple programs? Is the specter of compliance keeping you up at night? Losing control of your information can put your organization at risk.

    But you can take control with a strategic enterprise content management (ECM) solution from ImageSoft. Many ImageSoft solutions are built using OnBase by Hyland. These resources will help familiarize you with the capabilities of OnBase.

    OnBase Capabilities Brochure - Do you want to reduce operating costs, improve customer service and minimize risks associated with audits, litigation and disasters? OnBase centralizes your important business content in one secure location. OnBase drives this content through your processes at the speed of light, working in conjunction with your other applications, and then delivers your relevant information to you when you need it, wherever you are. brochure - 20 pages

    OnBase in 60 Seconds Video - Find out what Hyland Software's enterprise content management (ECM) software solution, OnBase, can engage your employees, speed up your business processes and connect your workforce to your information from anywhere in the world seamlessly and efficiently. video - 1m

    The Beast of Inefficiency Video- Do you have a problem with paper? Is managing documents keeping you up at night? Do you want to improve your business processes and remain compliant? Who ya gonna call? Hyland Software and its enterprise content management (ECM) solution, OnBase. video - 3m16s

    OnBase Informational Demo - Whether deployed as a hosted or premises-based solution, OnBase allows organizations to automate business processes, reduce the time and cost of performing important business functions, improve organizational efficiency, and address the need for governance, risk and compliance through the management and control of content from virtually any source. video

    See OnBase in Action Video - See how technology can help your bottom line with this short demo of OnBase. video - 3m