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    JusticeTechTM - What sets JusticeTech apart from other justice solutions is its ability to integrate all judicial units while leveraging your existing technology investment. video - 3m

    TrueCertify - Watch this compelling story of a technology tool that will enable you to deliver certified documents entirely electronically. video - 2m

    TrueFiling - A video about how this e-filing service from ImageSoft makes both the court and the filer significantly more efficient. video - 2m

    What is ECM? - Having a difficult time understanding ECM? This short video uses a simple everyday analogy to better help you understand what ECM can do for your company. video - 1m

    Ottawa County Video Testimonial - Serving 269,000 residents, Ottawa County replaced inefficient manual processes with a complete end-to-end electronic court solution. video - 7m23s