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ImageSoft Customer Care Includes

Software Maintenance

This covers troubleshooting issues, general assistance and advice. Download information is provided for upgrades and enhancements.

Hardware Maintenance

Is your scanner down? Some factory warranties only cover 90 days. ImageSoft will normally extend this warranty to ensure that at least 12 months are covered. Maintenance can be renewed on an annual basis.

Unlimited Telephone Support

During normal business hours, our Customer Care team will assist with isolating and identifying issues with your solution, regardless of the component they are related to.

Customer Solutions Support

ImageSoft will correct issues and fix bugs in any custom software developed by ImageSoft.

Configuration Support

ImageSoft will correct issues with software configuration as provided by ImageSoft. This includes Workflow Configuration.

Solution Upgrade Assistance

ImageSoft will assist you with version upgrades to your solution. This includes planning and remote technical services. Customers are responsible for testing and backup prior to an upgrade. Production upgrade assistance is available after hours (24x7) at no additional cost.

Solution Upgrade Assurance

ImageSoft will ensure that any supported configuration, integration, or custom development will continue to work in future versions of software products that are under software maintenance.

Enhanced Access to Original Implementation Team

When a complex system is deployed and an issue arises, it can be time consuming for a front-line Technical Support Engineer to find the root cause. The ImageSoft Customer Care plan provides enhanced access to your original implementation team and other development resources. We will designate at least one individual (in most cases the person that performed the original work) as your technical resource. This person will be engaged by the Customer Care team on any issue where the root cause is not immediately identified by the Technical Support Engineer.

Advanced Architecture and Planning Support

Achieving additional ROI by expanding your solution and workflow is an important component of the systems that ImageSoft deploys. It is important that the expansion be undertaken with an overall architecture plan and disaster recovery in mind. Customer Care clients are provided architecture assistance at no additional cost.