ImageSoft training

Course Delivery

Currently, the ImageSoft Training Institute (ITi) offers the following training delivery methods. In the near future, we also expect to add Web-based training to the mix.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
ILT is an effective means of delivering information as it allows for real-time feedback, questions and answers, manipulation and changeable delivery to suit the needs of learners in a real-time environment. As the name implies, ILT provides training delivered to learners by an instructor. This form of training incorporates training materials that include PowerPoint slides, work instruction, exercises and a virtual machine (VM) client environment.

Train-the-Trainer (T3)
Trainers who are experts and experienced in delivering course content are critical factors when launching Train-the-Trainer initiatives. ITi trainers are skilled in ensuring that our customers’ designated staff trainers are well equipped to perform their knowledge transfer in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.