ImageSoft training

Course Offerings

ITi offers several courses designed to provide end users with the skills and knowledge needed to realize the full potential of their new ECM solution and associated business processes. Following is a description of our course offerings.

  • End User Training – Course will focus on general use of the system. It will cover topics such as searching, viewing, document retrieval, printing, e-mailing, workflow and document cross-referencing in the OnBase Thick, Thin and Unity Clients.
  • OnBase Scan and Indexing Training – Course will focus on the use of the Onbase scan subsystem, including operating the indexing of documents in the OnBase Thick Client.
  • Kofax Scan and Validation Training – Course will focus on the use of the scan subsystem. This includes operating the scan software and related screens for quality assurance and data validation.
  • Workflow Training – Course will provide an introduction to OnBase workflow features, screen components, queues, ad hoc tasks and how to process documents in the OnBase Thick, Thin and Unity Clients.
  • Workflow Discovery and Design Basics Training – Course will provide OnBase Administrators, Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts with practical knowledge of OnBase workflow concepts in order to better support an OnBase workflow system or to participate in the design of a workflow implementation. Best practices will be shared from actual workflow implementations.
  • Local System Support Training – Course will provide additional system knowledge to customer IT staff. Participants will use many of the OnBase navigation features to access documents and administrative utilities in OnBase.