ImageSoft training

ImageSoft End User Training Services

Devoting time and capital to implement an enterprise content management (ECM) system in your organization is a major step toward creating a more efficient and cost-effective operation. Important too is how your employees are prepared to apply these new tools and business processes. We appreciate the fact that you want rapid, economical training solutions that are significant, self-sustaining, and can be leveraged for many purposes. That’s just what the ImageSoft Training Institute (ITi) will provide.

ITi training is uniquely focused. We train to your specific ECM OnBase® solution – not a generic version, and our training is provided by those who built your system and know its intricacies better than anyone else.

To fully leverage your ECM technology investment, those working with the new system and processes require training and information to support the transition. The ITi team uses a blended learning approach employing a variety of proven training delivery methods to deliver results. We know that the sooner your employees are proficient in their ECM solution, the sooner your organization will see a return on investment.

The success of a training program can be measured by end user adoption rates and their ability to effectively and productively perform their jobs. ITi trainers have the knowledge and experience to deliver best-of-class training to help end users smoothly transition to new business processes and systems. Their success is our success!

ImageSoft has over 15 years’ experience in building and integrating comprehensive technology and workflow solutions. Whether your organization seeks training for an entire ECM solution or a specific component, count on ITi to deliver a training program to maximize the impact of your ECM solution and expedite your return on investment.